GetActive!SG week

I returned from a 2 weeks break for World Youth Day 2016 in Poland not knowing what to expect back at work. It was SportSG’s biggest week yet of 2016, with a new annual initiative set to help the country celebrate National Day through a week of sports called GetActive! Singapore.

Dragonboat @ GetActive!SG – 51 strokes in a row to celebrate Singapore’s 51st birthday.

Thrown straight into action with a series of Facebook LIVE presenter duties while still recovering from flu. It turned out to be loads of fun nonetheless, and I made some new friends from, working with them as co-presenters and their crew over an interesting few days.

Fun poses @ The Float by the Bay

It turned out I had missed out on two of the most fun events (SGAG’s football festival and Dodgeball), but I was still lucky enough to experience the Giant Games’ Festival and Dragonboat events among some others.

Definitely one of the projects I will remember. Check out some of the photos we took over that week!

My very first attempt at power lifting…
At the Giant Games Festival @ SCAPE* Orchard.
And it’s a wrap! The Grand Finale @ Jurong East.

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