Filming of Athletics 101 series

We kicked off the first of 4 shoots to help profile our ActiveSG academies and clubs – with athletics the first in line. In a way it was the perfect match because we had Kerstin with us, and it isn’t every day that you have a Team Singapore athlete at your disposal as an intern 🙂

Describing the differences between various track shoes.

Kerstin is a natural personality wise, but perhaps needs to brush up more on her presentation skills – something not uncommon among youth as confidence comes with experience.

Not too bad for only her second try in presenting on camera, and I think only my first ever intern Felicia has done better to date. Either way, I’ve told Kerstin she will only get better with practise.

Being taught the basics to hurdling.

Needless to say, we have good chemistry, and it felt weird for me to interview her for some reason, and the shoot turned out to be more comedic than serious by the end. And I came to the same conclusion as I did 16 years ago. I can’t hurdle for nuts.

But it was a good day’s work. Hopefully the series turns out well. Don’t forget to subscribe to the Sport Singapore YouTube channel to catch this series as well as other sports, lifestyle, and nutrition video content.

Demo of a relay race. If only we could really be competing in a race!

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