Filming of Tennis 101 series

Today marked the start of our work for the hectic month of October with a very heavy tennis flavour. Our date with Singapore’s number one female tennis player Stefanie Tan did not come easy. Singapore’s tennis high flyer has to contend with a series of back-to-back overseas competitions, and as a result her availability for this shoot could only be confirmed quite recently.

Receiving tips from Stefanie about executing the tennis backhand.

The shoot had to be done this week naturally because of our need to use the videos as part of an online tennis quiz in the lead up to the WTA Finals. (Without giving too much away, here’s a huge hint for tennis fans: We have some very attractive WTA prizes in store for the winners of our online contests on myActiveSG Facebook page over the next few weeks, so do visit our page regularly for details and like and follow us if you haven’t already!)

As always with Murphy’s law, our plan did not go entirely according to plan and had its necessary hiccups. My bro Gary Yang, who was previously assigned the role as presenter for this Tennis series, suffered an elbow injury last week, and I had to stand in for him in the end. Kudos to him for showing tremendous dedication and still coming down to support our shoot in his current state, and for all these brilliant behind-the-scenes photos of course. The weather also gave us a minor heart attack today with overcast skies threatening to rain on our very difficultly attained slot with Stefanie, but the clouds passed us by and headed for other parades to rain on. Thank God.

With my one-armed warrior bro Gary Yang, who was initially scheduled to be the presenter for this series.

And so to the actual shoot. Stefanie turned out to be a lovely girl. Bumped into her once at the launch of our Tennis Academy but I couldn’t quite wrap my head around how she is as a person initially apart from the fact she is a fantastic athlete. Some team members were worried initially of how things might pan out, but as it turned out their worries were unfounded. It was a hugely pleasant experience, and the shoot was so smooth we ended an hour ahead of schedule. I personally do hope to see more of Stef in our future work moving forward.

Some latest in camera technology that allows for a 360 degree angle capture of our action footage.

A personal thanks too to our favourite SportSG tennis girl Shao Fang for faciliating the day’s work. I cannot overstate how much we respect Shao Fang for her dedication to her work, her professionalism, and how low she chooses to maintain her profile amidst everything. Always shunning the limelight, she will kill me for saying this but I hope she gets more greatly profiled soon. Her talent and work deserves it. And we hope her Tennis Academy teammate Markie Teo is enjoying his honeymoon! Have a good one bro! As the saying goes, go there as two, come back as three LOL. Also thanks need to be mentioned to our video champs Wei Kit and Edward who lent added support with some of the latest and coolest 360 degree camera technology to enhance the experience, and I for one can’t wait to see how the footage turns out on that camera!

The shy and often understated Shao Fang. We could not have done today’s shoot without her.

All in all, a great day’s work and couldn’t have asked for a better start to the month of October! Check back again to this blog post for the videos. Will be adding them here once they are released.

JY7 and Stefanie Tan.jpg
One for my personal album, with the star and my coach of the day, Stefanie Tan. 🙂

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