5 unforgettable Sin Ting moments

Today we bade farewell to our brother ST. It’s been an incredible three and a half years with you here in our midst at Sport Singapore my brother.  Here we recall some classic moments with our resident joker and the youngest brother of #TUT.

1. The Putravita

In July 2015 after the 28th SEA Games ended, the #TUT bros were on vacation concurrently in three separate countries, and we decided to freeze a moment in time with a yoga pose each and put it into a collage. After much bargaining and with great reluctance, ST finally came up with the Putravita, aka the highest level of Yoga (according to him). See below.


Not to be confused with real yoga poses, but you can tell from the screenshot below it took me quite a bit of convincing before he agreed to play along. 😉


2.The Dark Horse

In October 2014, at the Bloomberg Squaremile Relay, Sin Ting and myself were all geared up and ready to participate for Sport Singapore when our dearest friend Angelina Dass finally arrived on scene, strolling over in classically late fashion.

Sin Ting: Angie, now that you’re here, we are confirm gonna win this race.

Angelina (puzzled look): Huh? Why?

Sin Ting: Because you are our Dark Horse.

Angelina: !!!!!!

See below pic for the #TUT bros showing our love to Angelina after she told us she is a claustrophobe and afraid of tight spaces. Angie oh Angie, how we miss you.


3.The Day ST almost signed for Manchester United

Every summer we witness the silly season of football transfer rumours. Well, a year and a half ago, rumour has it Sin Ting almost became the first Singaporean to sign for Manchester United, widely tipped by himself to make it into Louis Van Gaal’s squad for the 2015-16 season.


To this day, we still wish he did actually make it. But we were left to rue the loss as he proceeded to captain the SportSG football team in the government service league instead, and we had to carry on listening to his nonsense.


4. A Sinful Thing

Early one December morning in 2015, Gary came up with a punny ST joke, which to this day we still find funny. “I hang out daily with one of the seven sins…”


5. Taking Dress Down to a Whole New Level

Back in 2013, our Sport Singapore CEO came up with a new ruling that allowed staff to dress out of formal work attire to facilitate our participation in sports. Afterall, in order to walk the talk in getting other Singaporeans to be active, we have to be active ourselves too don’t we?


Cue the free for all with Low Sin Ting, who took dress down to mean slippers, shorts and singlet. Most of the days if you saw him wear a jacket it means he is wearing a singlet inside ready to transit to gym mode during lunch. One thing’s for sure, you definitely won’t get to dress like this at your new workplace.


It’s been a long farewell Sin Ting. You know you will be missed. Thank you for everything bro. And though you were more often known to give me a scolding than being a patient listening ear, I still appreciate your genuine intentions and time taken to listen.

I will also remember to take your wise advice to always protect the vulnerable self in me first, before I start to look to protect others. All the best in your future endeavours, and we await the day we see you back in our midst again! #TUTBros #JustWhack #YouKnowHowToFindMe

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