Uncovering the greatness in us

“The purpose of this glorious life is not to simply endure it, but to soar, stumble and flourish as you learn to fall in love with existence. We were born to live my dear, not merely exist.” – Becca Lee

Someone once told me that our life journey is less about reaching a destination than it is about uncovering greater truths about ourselves with each experience. To allow ourselves to know more fully just as we are already fully known (1 Corinthians 13:12). I can’t agree enough.

And the greatest truth of life is this. No matter what some of your parents may have told you, you are not a mere accident. You are a miracle of love, given life by a creator who has thought of you for eternity, and who willed you into being, because He cannot imagine life without you. You can never be replaced, and your true value will never diminish by how others treat you, because you are precious in His eyes.


You are meant to be a living message to the world: from the family you are given, to the friends and people you love, and even to the people who cross your life for just a season, to let them know of this same truth about themselves they may have yet to realise. To tell them how blessed, how loved, how cherished, and more importantly how great they are.

Because that is what true evangelisation really means. And because contentment goes beyond merely counting our blessings, and can only come with living our life’s purpose by allowing the light within us to shine which subconsciously gives others permission to do the same (Matthew 5:13-16).


In this sense while our rich Asian culture and heritage may carry with it plenty of wisdom and merits, it does have its flaws too. And one of these is how it gives us the wrong idea of what humility looks like. We are taught from a young age to play small by deflecting praise and rejecting compliments so as not to appear arrogant.

Not only has this made us notoriously ungracious compliment receivers, but over time it also blinds us from the truth of our uniqueness, making it harder for us in our search for our true life purpose because our playing small never serves the world. So don’t be afraid to express yourself and your God given talents. Take courage to be you and to really live.


With this being the year of the 29th SEA Games and 9th ASEAN Para Games in Kuala Lumpur, I have some close athlete friends who are vying for qualification and training hard to compete at the regional showpiece. And I also know of a few people who are going through tough times at the moment. May this post remind you of who you are meant to be. And that greatness already exists within you, only waiting to be uncovered without the need to be pursued.

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