Going crazy at Team SportSG Night 2017

This is a belated post, but as they say it’s better late than never. ūüôā

To be honest, I really didn’t know what to expect from our company’s Dinner & Dance. Being tied down with sports events and campaign work the last few months, thinking about what to dress up as for the D&D was the farthest¬†thing from¬†my mind.

Lights, confetti, and balloons go off at the end of the evening, in what has been the most colourful SportSG staff event for some time.

Yet as the day got closer, there was a certain buzz and excitement within the team. This was definitely a day for us to take our minds off work and to let our hair down (for those with long enough hair hur hur).

But first a #wefie! Group shot in my car en route to Team SportSG Night from office.

I think I speak on behalf of our whole table when I say that we are very thankful to Samantha and Gwen for taking the initiative in forming our table and getting the ball rolling where table themes and costumes are concerned.

The only thing I had to do in the end really, was to send an email to the organising committee to reserve our slot as a table.

Mai la Mai La
Classic reaction, and absolutely Meme worthy.

Being the diplomatic people that we are (aren’t we all), we went about voting for our preferred theme over Whatsapp chat group before finally agreeing on¬†Avengers/Marvel Superheroes. This was later widened to include a couple of DC comics characters because it¬†turned out to be a lot tougher in our costume hunt than expected¬†at the shops we visited.

Warning: Smoking cigarettes is bad for your health, and smoking cigars made from toilet rolls will give you shitty ideas.

As for my costume, it was a toss up between Wolverine and Ironman for me initially, before the ever influential Sol said I should come as an evil twin of Gary’s, since we are always seen as inseparable. And since my brother had already jumped the gun in getting his own Spiderman costume, the choice became obvious.

Pretty satisfied with my shaved Spider Web haircut, courtesy of KK from Poise Hair Studios.

Black spiderman. Venom. Whichever. I eventually put in more effort than I originally planned to, getting a matching haircut in the process and adding¬†make-up into the mix, which had some of my more conservative friends asking, “Spiderman got use black eyeliner one meh?”

Eye makeup

Well, black eye make-up only because I thought¬†it would be a cool way to connect my current character to my previous one at my very first company D&D with Singapore Airlines, the only other D&D I’ve ever attended. Savvy?

Thor’s hammer makes a very useful tool for neck massages after a long day of work, as Samantha aka “Storm” found out. Available at Daiso + Homemade handicraft. Thanks Ashley.

My¬†make-up naturally drew smirks and wise cracks from my bosses and teammates – ranging from comparisons between me and Thai ladyboy kick-boxers or¬†tranny equivalents, to¬†“Sorry John, I really cannot take you seriously at the moment” comments.¬†Very. funny. Tsk.

Wolverine Gerald lends a helping claw in dividing our dinner for us.

T’was the reactions¬†that I totally expected. But judging by how the night went eventually, I was far from being the most feminine man at the D&D! ūüėČ

Spider Jokes
Spider jokes are now trending. Cos’ Digital Marketers Gary and John say so.

And¬†hey, if a movie themed company D&D is not the right¬†time for us¬†to go crazy, then when? ¬†Needless to say, being the expressive person that I am I probably didn’t need anyone¬†to give me permission to do crazy things to begin with. So when we were given a¬†platform to express ourselves creatively, I didn’t need¬†to think twice!

With some of my closest friends in office, Jonel (left) and Elizabeth, who is also my make-up artist! ūüėČ

It turned out to be an awesome evening in the end. Massive kudos to each and every one of the organising committee members. All credit needs to be given where it is rightly due.

Salt bae. Wolverine style. Dinner is served. Although this impersonation reminds me more of a drug addict to be honest.

Events like this and Sport Singapore’s 40th Anniversary Games are certainly the ones that will stay on in memory lane for a long time to come.

The only gripe Gary and I had was that we didn’t have enough time and opportunities to go around taking photos with some of the most interesting characters – and¬†two of whom we really wanted to have our pictures taken with were Justin in his Jaws¬†costume and Yan Ni as Chun Li junior.¬†But I guess you can’t win them all.


For now it is back to the grind, and while we are facing some testing times on the work front, the reward at the end of this journey promises to be a worthy one if we stay true to our purpose.

¬†James 1:4 – “Perseverance must finish its work so that you may be mature and complete, not lacking anything.”

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