On the film set: Singapore Sentosa Adventure Race

Spent the large part of yesterday morning at Sentosa filming our promo video ad for Singapore Sentosa Adventure Race, an event organised in conjunction with Sport Singapore’s partners Sentosa for GetActive! Singapore 2017.

Gary defying his age showing nimblesness of feet in this scene.   Photo: Emmanuel Chiang

The race itself will be held on Saturday, 29 July 2017 (the opening day of GASG2017), with a race route that spans Palawan Beach, Siloso Beach, and Siloso Skywalk with 7 (seven) Adventure Check points.

Somebody is obviously not a fan of wearing a GoPro chest harness to run.

Needless to say it was another interesting morning, and while things didn’t go exactly according to plan, we adapt with every situation and it was good that we got everything settled eventually.

Surveying footages with film maker and cinematographer of “Kallang Roar” movie fame, Ding An, midway through a scene.

My buddy Gary Yang and our Team Singapore hockey player Laura Tan were the choice of talents to anchor the shoot with me. A pity our Team Nila volunteer Randall Wu and co could not join us for this shoot due to work.

This bridge we are about to run onto sways quite a bit. #JustSaying  Photo: Emmanuel Chiang

With this being the first of an intensive schedule of shoots and Live Shows coming up in the next few months though, there will be plenty of opportunities to showcase the rest of our brand ambassadors for sure.

Group photo with the folks from ActiveSG (in red), while taking a quick breather and enjoying the view for a minute at Siloso Skywalk. Photo: Emmanuel Chiang

Speaking of which an announcement is expected to be made at the end of this month introducing the arrival of this new initiative, which is a first of its kind in the industry and the government sector in particular. A project I am privileged and honoured to lead. So do keep a lookout for that.

Onto the shoot itself, I think Gary and Laura weren’t exactly pleased to learn that they had to “camo on” for the shoot. Having been given the creative brief of using a different treatment and tone for this shoot though it was a necessary evil, and hopefully it will achieve the effect we are after. We’ll leave it to Ding An to work his magic to come up with the final product.

Running up the Siloso Tower.  Photo: Emmanuel Chiang

Having spent a full morning under the sun, we were all looking forward to soaking ourselves in the water (hint: it’s one of the Adventure Checkpoints), but we experienced some anticlimactic moments from the lifeguard instead.

Sounding his horn, we were asked to retreat on multiple occasions while swimming towards the middle of the channel, only to be given the green light later on when he was told this was an official shoot, by which time it was already a wrap.

Take 3 of a particular scene we needed to redo. Laura is pensive, Gary is shagged out, Rachel is just…  being Rachel.

All in all, a good but tiring day’s work. Any filming done under scorching weather tends to take a lot out of us.

Keep a lookout for the promo vid coming soon. And for those of you who wish to sign up for the race or to find out more, you may do so here at this link. Bring your families and friends!

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