6 weeks to a better you

It’s a packed schedule for filming this week, with several major initiatives coming up in the next few months.

Today’s shoot in particular features an initiative that really can benefit everyone who is looking to live better and healthier.

Sam’s six week journey will provide tips on how you can make simple improvements to things like your quality of sleep.

Anchored by our health and fitness ambassador Samantha Low, this series looks at tackling sixteen common habits that affect our overall well-being in the areas of our quality of sleep, nutritional habits, choices that determine our level of physical activity, and management of the time we spend on our screens in an increasingly digital age.

Making healthier eating choices albeit this one is done with a si beh sian face.

To find out the full range of tips on how you can apply simple daily changes to your habits, follow Samantha on her 6 week journey starting from 23 June and ending on 29 July 2017. How to do so I’ll share with you all soon.

Pushing on with filming in spite of spraining her ankle not too long before this scene.

Our content for this series will include Sam’s own weekly column and video log on her journey towards a better version of herself, and will be rolled out on multiple platforms, primarily myActiveSG.com, as well as myActiveSG Facebook page and our corresponding Instagram and Samantha’s social pages.

Lift versus stairs. Keep a look out for our spoof version of this scene to come on Instagram.

These will be supplemented with article features on the science behind these recommendations, as well as useful infographics for ease of remembering and that you can easily share with your friends and loved ones. So keep your eyes peeled, and as always, thank you for the fantastic support of our work!

More behind-the-scenes footage to come when I have the time to upload them.

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