Hockey 101 series shoot

We rounded off a packed week of filming with the Hockey 101 series shoot at Sengkang Hockey Stadium yesterday. Part of a start-off content support pack that we provide for each of our ActiveSG Academies and Clubs when they first launch, the sport 101 series of feature articles and videos serve as online tutorials for beginners, to get people interested in the sport, and also for potential participants to join the academies and clubs.

Teaching our eager beaver presenter how to turn a hockey stick.

It was the simplest of choices when it came to deciding which athlete would teach us hockey in this series, in preparations for the launch of ActiveSG Hockey Academy on 15 July 2017. Our very own Team Singapore hockey player and teammate Laura Tan, who is a natural in front of the camera though she always denies it.

Why so serious Gary?

Gary was the choice of presenter of this series, having previously missed out on being the Tennis 101 series presenter when he dislocated his elbow last year. I am not too sure how much I actually learnt from the shoot yesterday, apart from the fact that the two of them have fantastic on-camera chemistry, and I spent a good part of my time holding my tummy for laughing too much.

Close-up shot of dribbling in hockey.

It was also very entertaining to watch Gary try and take on our SEA Games hockey athlete in a 1 v 1 take as we needed footage for the intro cutaway scenes of the series. Let’s just say that though he has pretty decent stick handling skills, there was ever always only gonna be one winner!

You can check that part out in the behind-the-scenes footage embedded here.

All in all a good week’s worth of work, though much of it was spent away from our desks this week. Which only means there is a mountain of work to clear when we get back, and I need to do so before I head off for my much needed break next week!

Hockey passing 101. From this we found out you first need to learn how to stop a ball. LOL.

Before I end off, just want to take the opportunity to remind everyone that there is an opportunity for you to play and learn hockey for free on 15 July 2017 at Sengkang Hockey Stadium during the ActiveSG Hockey Academy launch, where you also get the chance to receive premiums and be coached by some of our Team Singapore national hockey players.

More info to come soon.

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