My KL2017 in pictures

It’s been a while since my last blog post. Not exactly in the mood to write much at the moment, plus I’m falling sick, so here’s hoping pictures can tell most of the story for me instead.

If you just want to read the lighter and funnier stuff, scroll down to the section titled “Lighter Moments”. Here goes:


It was a nightmare first week in KL for my team, with limited access to most venues and areas to do our work as our accreditation was still pending, so we had to resort to getting tickets for most of our coverage due to complications. Even then, life’s never perfect, so we made the most of what we could do. Here are some snippets.

Media Operations at Juara Stadium, Bukit Kiara.

Grace Gan, one of our media officers, hard at work below. Her team, which includes Eric Ong and Gina Tan, was deployed across multiple venues daily to facilitate media operations.


I’m sure we can all relate to the moments where we hear our bosses mention our names but are slow to respond so as to delay our impending doom. Check out Gerald Leong below, growing his beard like a boss, in one of many daily conference calls in the Digital Content Hub. LOL.


Gary Yang reporting live from netball, before the start of the Games proper. One of multiple roles to be fulfilled across platforms both local and regional.


…and I guess some things are better left unsaid if you don’t want to be banned or lose your job – hello Sol!


Special mentions not included in this post also to Vincent (who filmed most of my intro and endings for daily highlights), Rachel and Sheryl who worked their butts off in the Team A shift. Sorry couldn’t find any non unglam shots of you two. And also Wen and Ash and whoever I may accidentally but unintentionally have missed out.


There were multiple Facebook LIVEs conducted over the course of the 18 days to profile our Team Singapore athletes as well as the support team behind their success which included the Sports Science teams, volunteers and Digital Content support team. This effort was led mainly by Gary and Sol.

Outside of our LIVE shows however, we had a slew of other content for our audiences as well, but here’s my pick and recap of 3 non-LIVE features you may have missed.

1.Sedaplicious with Jannah Monjiat

Follow our foodie Jannah through KL in her search for food. This was a pretty impromptu series as we lacked content during our first week in KL. An idea we may consider continuing back in Singapore! You can watch the full series here, and I have also embedded the pilot episode for easy viewing. The original posts were made on Facebook page and SG Sports TV.

2. Exclusive Interviews with Team Singapore athletes

Watch our series of exclusive interviews with Team Singapore athletes from 7 (seven) sports during SEA Games 2017 either on Team Singapore Facebook or Sport Singapore YouTube channel:

Autographed TeamSG jersey by our SEA Games 2017 footballers Irfan Fandi, Lionel Tan, and Muhaimin Suhaimi

The full series of interviews featuring the sports below can be watched from the playlist at this link:

Football (Irfan Fandi, Lionel Tan, Muhaimin Suhaimi), Tennis (Stefanie Tan), Basketball (Ng Hanbin, Delvin Goh, Johrathan Cheok), Wakeboard & Waterski (Sasha Christian & Mark Leong), Swimming (Roanne Ho), Taekwondo (Chelsea Sim), Field Hockey (Laura Tan, Nur Syaheeza, Taylor Liu).

The last of our series of 7 interviews, this one with our Women’s Field Hockey team.

Also embedded 2 episodes with our Basketballers and Chelsea Ann Sim here for your viewing convenience.

Stefanie Tan (tennis) pens her autograph during the interview.
Chelsea Ann Sim’s bronze medal won at this year’s SEA Games.

Special thanks to the team managers who worked with us to make these interviews happen, and also to the ones from Athletics, Bowling, Gymnastics and Fencing whom I was in touch with but unfortunately couldn’t make happen.

With Sasha Christian and Mark Leong for our interviews.

3. SG Sports TV’s SEA Games 2017 Daily Highlights Show

Last of the 3 series of features is our SG Sports TV daily SEA Games highlights show, of which I became the anchor and primary host for. This daily show was totally unplanned before our departure and was more of a gap filler due to our lack of access, which made this a new daily requirement.


And since there is a niche and gap to fill for our regional audience which Toggle primarily doesn’t cater to as much, we decided to maximise the potential here. Daily bite sized highlights for our regional platform which has carried over half a million followers since SEA Games 2015.

There were still challenges however, most notably with sound recording, as we had to split up our work and I made do without any microphones. This meant noise clean up was a huge pain every night during post production and video editing. Audio was still poor in the end but this was the best I could do given our limitations.

Audio clean up was a pain in the ass. I guess we need more microphones for future operations.

You can watch the full series on the playlist either on SG Sports TV Facebook or here on our  Sport Singapore YouTube channel (thank you Wei Kit for helping to curate!)


Those who have been to any overseas Games will know it takes a whole lot to keep you going through the entire period. Here’s a look at some of the things that kept me going and entertained through the toughest times.

1.Offloading my stress with lame jokes on my colleagues. Sorry guys, but suck it up and take it for the team. I am part of the team too, and you’re stuck with me haha.


2. Modelling for ActiveSG overseas. I swear this guy’s entire wardrobe is sponsored by ActiveSG. From the first day to the last day he was there, he wore nothing else but ActiveSG… and much more.


3. Closet fan Aleksandar Duric tuning in during our Facebook LIVE. We miss this crazy bloke, and we know he misses us. Don’t need to be shy about it, Aleks. See you soon.


4. Having fun with fellow SportSG ambassador Laura Tan. We headed down to support Laura in the bronze medal match, and all I can say is, we all had a good laugh. Let’s just say it is one thing to see her in office trying to look intellectual with her glasses, and another to see her trying to look serious whenever she steps onto a hockey pitch.

Game face on. Photo taken by Kerstin at Singapore Sports Institute.
20170828¬_SeaGames_Women Hockey Bronze Medal Play off SIN vs Indon  _Suki Singh  DSC_2162 (17)-2.jpg
And here…
Still not convinced?

Here is a look at the fans of Laura Tan in the stands. Okay la, got more than five. Not too shabby I guess.

Go Laura!

5. Unexpected photo ops with TeamSG athletes

I bumped into our speed skater Lucas Ng back-of-house at Empire City before victory ceremony on the final day. I had not seen this bloke since 2012 when he filmed a Speed Skating 101 vid with us and co-presented with my then intern Felicia, so I felt a photo was in order. This despite the fact I looked super shag and my face was not on point due to lack of sleep. Thank goodness I learnt from the best in this – Kerstin Ong – who taught me how I can still post my unglam photos with a bit of help.


6. Paparazzis that follow you everywhere

I don’t even know this picture was taken, how it was taken, when it was taken, and in which stadium or building. I only know it got sent into my Whatsapp Group Chat media folder. So here it is in this section.



1.Cheer Squad, and people who believe in our work

I was very down in the first 7-10 days of my trip, not least when I felt misunderstood, and a lack of support from my own teammates. But I’m glad to have that sorted out, though certain people and moments are still worth recalling and thanking.

Our volunteer ambassador Jannah’s selfie at the Opening Ceremony melted me. Drenched in the rain in a huge mess of traffic, but still sending me this to cheer me up. She was with Gwen of course, equally hard time in her new role as photographer manager.
Little acts of love and charity from teammies.
Bumping into Jean Yong and Shao Fang. Totally different feel when seeing them overseas as opposed to the office environment.

2. Face Timing from Singapore

Unexpected calls from those who mattered in Singapore and we’ve not seen for some time. Not just the ones with stills and screen grabs here too. Thank you. Much appreciated really.


3. Self Enforced Down Time

I only managed one trip to the hotel gym and pool during my entire stay, and it lasted all of just 30 minutes. It was much needed and couldn’t be any more timely in order for me to stay sane.

Bottom up view from the hotel pool.

And yes, I posted this on my instagram (regular posting is good practise for engagement on social media as ambassadors), but it inevitably invited comments such as “Wah so free ah?” “Enjoying life ah, not like others hor?”

Soaking in positive vibes.

Gwen suggested I probably shouldn’t post such things moving forward. But I’m sorry. I guess this is who I am. And I won’t let the opinions of those with inaccurate perceptions of who I am and what I do (which is frequent), change my style, or my life.

4. Hanging out with Foodies

How can I neglect to mention joining the right people who can help you take your mind off the work stress? Knowing the right people, takes you to the right places. 🙂

GG and Gina
Ice cream mania with Gina and Grace Gan.


I can’t end this blog post without mentioning how blessed we are to have two fantastic Team Nila volunteers who have grown to become our friends and close pillars of support. Yes they are raw and unpolished. Yes, they still get nervous before going on screen to present. But they have a willingness to learn, and courage to overcome their fears.

It was a privilege to have you two with us, and I wouldn’t change this part of the trip for anything. Brilliant job. We are so proud of you.



That pretty much sums up the key moments of my trip to KL2017 SEA Games, it wasn’t a bed of roses, but it’s another experience that’s under my belt and over and done with. Here are some remaining photos that will be part of my memories in the years to come.

JY7, over and out.

Lego Nila getting ready to take over Gary and my job. Jokes aside, creative concept by Jean Tan and Sol Ami.
Bukit Jalil National Stadium.jpg
The impressive Bukit Jalil National Stadium.
Retail therapy. Adidas Alpha Bounce. Not too shabby.
And Farah Ann is damn chio. #JustSaying
En route to another activation at Bukit Jalil National Stadium.
All set for home! On board our flight with Wendy, Ashley and Gerald.
This has been the most welcome sight for quite a while.

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  1. Randall Wu says:

    touched 😢 thanks for looking out for us during the SEA Games 2017 in KL! had a blast there ! ☺️


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