Built for resilience

*The views and opinions expressed in this post are purely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of Sport Singapore.

I reckon it’s always a great idea to start off each day practising gratitude. So for me, amidst what has been an insane work schedule the past three months, I am glad to have received support from so many people for me and my work.

To that end, I’ve also been rather fortunate recently to be approached by Nanyang Optical and SportOn Eyewear, and given the opportunity to try on some revolutionary eyewear: COOSH by Urband, which is new on the Singapore market.

Coosh by Urband, Sports eyewear, John Yeong
Sporting COOSH by Urband’s Sports Polaroid Delta Frames.

Developed by a multi-award winning design team, the glasses are known for its classic black frames, similar to type of frames made popular by those serving NS. In fact, I was told it was from there which COOSH by Urband got its inspiration from.

The telling difference between COOSH and other prescriptive eyewear lies mainly in its ability to withstand impact from various angles without loss of functionality or breaking (due to its high-tech springback function), making this an ideal choice for those who live an active life of sports or adventure, and would rather not wear contact lenses or undergo Lasik surgery.

You can watch the stress test demo here:

Personally, I wished this invention happened some 20 years back, while I was playing recess time football with my classmates on the basketball and volleyball courts of my school. I’ve lost count of the number of times I had to change my glasses simply because some joker rammed the ball into my face. LOL.

These days however, I primarily wear prescriptive glasses only for work or while I am reading at home, and I mostly wear contact lenses for football sessions and contact sports, or whenever go in front of the camera.

I guess COOSH by Urband’s relatively light frame does do a pretty good job where comfort is concerned, while its wrap around style provides good grip and the frames from falling off your face even when doing sports (check out my Instagram video post on this @potatopaikia).

COOSH presciptive glasses in its trademark all black frames (Frame model: Charlie).

I won’t lie though, if comfort was your only consideration, then rimless glasses would still win hands down where weight is concerned. But I guess you can’t have the best of both worlds, and where COOSH loses in lightness, it wins in robustness and durability.

The frames come in four different designs: which provides you with different looks and also sizes that fit different face shapes. It is also available in both prescriptive glasses and a more sporty alternative – polaroid sports shades, which I sport in more of my social media posts.

coosh shades
Off the field of play, COOSH is also a pretty decent lifestyle alternative when you head out.

With the recent emphasis on reducing average screen time to improve our health, more people are taking up the option of wearing BlueProtect lenses to protect their eyes against blue light that is emitted from screens. And as a full time digital marketer who cannot run away from staring at screens for long hours, this is a real necessity for me too.

The good news is from now till 31 October 2017, you can save SGD$280 on Zeiss Vision BlueProtect lenses when you pair it with a set of COOSH by Urband frames, simply by quoting my name <JOHNYEONG> or flashing my Instagram Post here at any of the 15 Nanyang Optical outlets around Singapore.

To see the full list of outlets, you can visit this link.

I hope this has been a useful read.  Always remember to give your eyes the proper care, and to take ownership of your health, whatever product you may choose in the end!

This is JY7, signing off. Have a blessed week ahead.

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