Melaka weekend getaway

So I realised it’s been exactly two months since I last blogged about anything, and now that I finally have some free time on my hands it’s time to catch up on my blog!

Warning: This blog post contains plenty of food pictures, read on an empty stomach at your own risk.

For those of you who’ve been following my Instagram @potatopaikia, you would have known that I’ve recently had the privilege of making a short weekend trip up north to Melaka last month with 3 of my lovely colleagues/friends.

Mandatory tourist shot while in Melaka or Malacca.

The Company

What’s it like being the only male on a group trip with three females, two of whom are young mums?

You would think that I am pretty well-versed by now, regularly being the only rose among the thorns *cough cough* (I’m so gonna get scolded for that but I don’t care LOL), but all I can say is that such trips are mainly made up of photo-taking, shopping, and well…eating.

Strolling the streets in search of food.


And also, sight-seeing. Did I neglect to say sight-seeing? And by sight-seeing, I mean that if you intend to walk from point A to point B, be prepared to make stops at points A-1, A-2, A-3, A-4… and so on.

Jokes aside, getting distracted is part of the fun for such trips, so if you’re the type who prefer fixed travel plans and this ain’t your cup of tea, you may wish to give such travel combos a miss.

Accidental colour co-ordination. Hiding from the rain upon our arrival on day one.


This was only the second time ever I’ve made a trip to Melaka, the previous time being 1997 with some of the youth from my church.

Making myself comfortable on the 3-hour bus ride to Melaka. Socks by Talking Toes. Shop online at and enjoy 20% off by keying in my discount code: potatopaikia at checkout.

And though the trip wasn’t super eventful, it being only a 2 day 1 night affair, I wasn’t disappointed. It’s the company that matters afterall isn’t it?

3 posers in the hotel lobby.

The City

I would describe Melaka itself as a quaint Malaysian city, and though a must visit for those who reside outside of Malaysia and Singapore, I would recommend that you spend not more than 1-2 days which would be sufficient for covering most of what you need to see.

Jonker Street, Melaka.

Our group initially wanted to take in a day tour on the second day of our stay there, but eventually settled on it being a purely food/cafe hopping and shopping centric stay.

Shops selling handicrafts and keepsakes.

Plenty of colourful and instagram-worthy places and corners though, for those who are social media freaks like me.

The Rucksack Caratel

One of the highlights of our trip, the colourful hotel lobby of The Rucksack Caratel.

Our accomodation for the night was at the affordable and aesthetically appealing The Rucksack Caratel.

The Rucksack Caratel: Garden Wing

I personally loved the concept and design of the hotel, particularly the glass lift which I was never sick of taking, as cheap-thrilled as it may sound.

Entrance of The Rucksack Caratel, Melaka.

The lack of hot water in the shower was a bit of a nightmare for a few of us though, and we’ve had better breakfasts in other similar hotels of an equal standing and pricing.

We did get plenty of good photos taken though, which you will be able to see here in this blog, thanks to my trusty iPhone 7 Plus.

A wise person once said: “When on tour, behave like tourists.” Or something like that.

Yet to convince myself to upgrade to the iPhone X, which plenty of my friends have already made the jump to.

The next top Instagram Model in action.

Cafés and food choices

Food wise, we were spoilt for choice. Be it cafés, local Malaysian cuisine, or Peranakan and street food, a quick stroll through the popular Jonker street alone would give you more than enough to ponder about.

Dim Sum for breakfast on the second day of our trip.

The stand out places for me would be Calanthe Art Café, which we visited on our first day, with the Laksa a must try, and signature coffee from each of Malaysia’s 13 states!

Calanthe Art Café.
The must-try laksa at Calanthe Art Café.
Colourful lights make for a beautiful ambience with antique vibes.

The Daily Fix also offers a good variety of western and local fusion food choices, with both places having a nice old fashioned touch in terms of ambience.

The Daily Fix, a popular choice among both locals and tourists.
Men at work on a busy night at The Daily Fix.
Freshly made mushroom soup. My personal highlight of the dinner at The Daily Fix.

Plenty of other great choices for food as well, which you can easily read up on at both The Smart Local and if it’s your first time there.

How can I ever go on a trip without eating my favourite red-bean? 
Drink me.

Jonker Street 

Jonker street, the central street of Chinatown, is renowned for its antique shops, and there is enough to keep you occupied anywhere from half a day to a day.

If I ever doubted God’s love for me, I won’t ever again, because I bought one of these.

You would never run out of ideas for travel souvenirs, with the number of shops selling unique handicrafts and cheap keepsakes.IMG_1531

There are also plenty of colourful street corners which are insta-worthy, should you decide to take moment to stop from the sight-seeing.IMG_1530

The street comes to life particularly at night with street stalls sprouting up along the entire stretch.IMG_1538

My friends even managed to get some customised leather wallets and pouches done, with a quick turnaround of all of just 15 minutes, depending on the crowd.

I managed to get plenty of my Christmas shopping done during this trip as well, which  will hopefully save me some time entering the festive period.

Overall Travel-Worthiness Rating: 3 out of 5 stars

Taking a pause between food stops.
The best moments of life don’t make it to social media, but the best photos do.
“You must go on adventures to find out where you truly belong.” – Annonymous

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