Chinese New Year Gourmet Burgers?

What do you do when you are invited to try out the latest food creation in town?

Ask your foodie friend and resident food expert along to check it out of course!

Jannah’s reaction to the arrival of her food was epic.

And that’s exactly what happened today. Jannah and I were at  HANS IM GLÜCK earlier to try out their limited edition Chinese New Year burger under the “Gong Xi Fa Cai” menu.

Glucklichmacher Chinese New Year limited edition burger. Only available until 28 February 2018.

There’s nothing quite like a good meal to perk up a Monday, even though this is already a relatively shorter week than most.

To be completely honest I have never stepped in to HANS IM GLÜCK before in my life, but I was pleasantly surprised by the overall experience. It is also a very easy place to find.

Loving the cosy layout of the place.

Situated right along Orchard Road (opposite Wheelock’s Place), it is accessible via any public transportation options. Yet it is comfortably tucked away to one corner and there wasn’t too much of a crowd during off peak hours. Or perhaps it’s because it was a Monday? I don’t really know.

Ambience wise I loved the woodsy feel to the place, althought it isn’t huge or that spacious, so your best bet would be to call for an appointment or book via Chope Reservations ahead of time so as not to be disappointed at not being able to get a table upon arrival.

Did I mention woodsy? Yeah woodsy. Picnic in the woods it is.

Both Jannah and I opted for the set lunch menu, which comes together with a side dish, a cold drink, and a hot drink to go with whichever gourmet burger choice you make, at just a SGD$5 top up more.

One of the biggest concerns for me of course was healthy options, given that we are so into Active Health at work and all about eating clean these days. Burgers weren’t exactly at the top of my “eating clean” list to be honest, but I guess curiosity got the better of me.

We took this shot cos somebody said flat lays is trending. I thought it trended some time back. Oh well. I do what I like.

Which is why I was secretly happy to discover that they have a multi-grain option for the burger bun, or you could even opt to go “naked”!

LOL. I ain’t being flirty or sexy, this is exactly what they call the option without the burger bun, which would be an ideal choice for those of you who aren’t that keen on adding on the carbs.

There are also vegan and vegetarian sections in the menu, so plenty of options for those who are on a strict no-meat diet.

Geleit Mixed Salad with Asian dressing.

Needless to say, I went straight for the Glucklichmacher Chinese New Year limited edition burger comprising: Grilled Chicken Breast, Apricot Jam, and Grilled Mandarin Orange, since I was told this was a must-try. Jannah settled for the Sommernacht Burger, which I think she really enjoyed based on her facial expression while wolfing it down.

Mine was somewhat sweet on the palate, perhaps because of the apricot jam and grilled mandarin. Not something I’ve really experienced before with burgers, but I do like mandarins so it did add to the Lunar New Year feel I suppose.

Sommernacht Burger cross section.

We shared our side dishes, which were the Geleit Mixed Salad with Asian dressing, and  Sosskartoffel-Fritten sweet potato fries. No prizes for guessing which of us ordered the healthier option *cough cough*

Sosskartoffel-Fritten sweet potato fries.

The Fruit Punch and Passionfruit Schorles were great choices for our cold drinks, as they really hit the spot. Jannah found her Passionfruit Schorle slightly sour to her liking, but I loved my Fruit Punch Schorle. Refreshing and not too sweet.

Passionfruit and Fruit Punch Schorles.

And of course, we had coffee and Cappucino to wash everything down post meal. Sharing our orders made it easier to finish and not over-eat. Something we want to consciously do to be healthier.

If you are interested in trying out the limited edition “Gong Xi Fa Cai” Chinese New Year menu, it is only available till 28 February 2018.

Voilà! Potatopaikia jiak kentang (eat potato) again.

While I only had enough stomach space to try out the burger, there is also the Pfefferballe (spicy cheese Jalapeño poppers snack) and Mandarine Cocktail for those of you who are adventurous enough to try.

They say good things must be shared, so don’t say that I didn’t share! Wishing everyone a happy, healthy, and prosperous Lunar New Year!

Special thanks and mention to Publicist PR Consultancy for the invitation, and to HANS IM GLÜCK for hosting the thoroughly enjoyable meal and experience.

362 Orchard Road, International Building.
Singapore 238887
(directly opposite Wheelock’s Place)



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