10 reasons why you should not become an Instagram influencer

Am I a hypocrite for writing such a blog post? Why not read on to find out for yourself. While the desire to be popular has existed among youths since the dawn of time, the tools made available these days to just about anyone makes for a slippery slope for those who just want a […]

6 things to do in London for the clueless solo traveller

A London Travel Guide  So your next stop is London, United Kingdom. You have some time on your hands, but you are not quite sure how to theme your itinerary for those few days because you don’t want to do anything too touristy, and would very much prefer to wander about free-and-easy outside of shopping. […]

3 simple truths on the path of intentional solitude

The Call to Freedom from Ourselves I’ve struggled to write about my UK trip earlier this year. Not because it wasn’t memorable or noteworthy. Quite the contrary. The trip turned out to be a key marker of my 3-month sabbatical from work, and a major milestone on my journey towards uncovering my purpose, healing and […]

6 things to do in Yogyakarta for solo travellers

Looking for solo travel destinations in Southeast Asia? Here are 6 things you do not want to miss if you are in the city of Jogja. Also included are my recommendations on Instagram worthy photo spots!

Focus on growing authentic engagement, not just your follower count

In an age of modern day influencers, the online space has become an increasingly saturated marketplace for businesses and individuals. Having been blessed with the opportunity to immerse myself in this industry: to both live it first hand, and to lead and develop a network of ambassadors from Singapore’s sporting eco-system, I take on your […]

Lombok: Chasing sea turtles, walking beneath waterfalls

Hey, everybody. Can’t believe this is only my second travel blog entry after last year’s maiden Vietnam trip post. If you haven’t read it, you can read that particular post here. Most of my previous posts were all reflections or on filming or work-related, so I’m not exactly the best versed at travel blogging. So […]

Redefining influence: Empowering lives through storytelling in sport

I have to admit I was pretty sceptical of influencer marketing at first. Being someone who’s had to work with social marketing agencies and various influencer networks over the years, I’ve always felt it was a mere numbers game and that it is difficult to establish actual authentic meaningful engagement. That beyond short-term successes with […]