my Passions

what  //  football

when  //  from 1994

where  //  anywhere with a ball

why  //  I have loved sport from an age too young to remember. Football in particular is my passion, and I am a former competitive footballer, having plied my trade in the Canadian National Soccer League and Singapore’s FAS National Football League before retiring from competitive action in 2014. These days I am more into enjoying the rare social kickabout with friends, and trying out new sports on Sporting Fridays. 

what  //  art 

when  //  whenever I feel emotionally expressive, or when I am bored

where  //  my apartment balcony

why  //  I have grown up loving to draw, although without proper guidance and all the work you see here is self taught, so please be kind as I am not a pro! Back in school I was never much of an academic and would often spend hours on end sketching portraits of my teachers and classmates during lessons. Pencil sketching and acrylic paint are my media of choice.

what  //  travel

when  //  whenever life gets too hectic, and I feel the need to recharge

where  //  almost anywhere in the world! I love beach holidays just as much as I love cold weather countries

why  //  I am somewhat of a newbie when it comes to travel journalism, though I’ve been massively blessed to have been able to travel to many places around the world. I find travelling to be incredibly therapeutic, and as a recent pilgrim I’ve also found great solace and peace in reconnecting with our divine creator whenever I am away and journeying towards my true identity.